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Your Partner in Designing a Secure Future

Our logo is a snapshot of who we are. The squares represent the building blocks to your financial future. And they are wrapped with a circle, a symbol of safety, security, unity, and the life we want you to have. Our highly-tenured, diverse, multi-generational team has been educating and guiding clients since 1975. With a team of dedicated professionals, we can help you create value and pursue your goals through every challenge and opportunity in life. With offices throughout New Jersey, we bring our comprehensive, custom services to the entire Mid-Atlantic Region.

Reflecting the Communities We Serve

Reflecting the Communities We Serve

Our diverse team mirrors the communities we serve. Our staff represents a rich spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This first-hand experience allows us to understand our diverse clientele's needs and provide personalized financial solutions to each individual and business we serve. We embrace diversity to create a place where clients feel valued and understood.

Financial Solutions From An Experienced Team

Financial Solutions From An Experienced Team

Our financial firm has an exceptional team of experienced professionals. Our team of 50 professionals is dedicated to delivering tailored financial solutions to you. We retain highly skilled staff to ensure continuity in your client-advisor relationships. With our seasoned team at the helm, you can trust us to guide you toward long-term financial success with precision and care.

Our Core Values Inform Everything We Do

At MARG, our core values serve as our compass, guiding every decision and every action. You'll see us living out our core values, from client interactions to strategic planning.

Independent Guidance

Instead of pushing proprietary products or insurance, we prioritize your goals. Our vast selection of tools and resources enables us to provide independent solutions.


Our unique team-backed approach includes multiple generations of support. This helps ensure we're meeting the diverse needs of families transitioning through every life stage.

Personalized Communication

Our one-on-one process connects you with a team-backed advisor. They understand what you want and offer flexible long-term strategies based on your unique needs.

Empowering Education

We empower clients by educating them on the reasoning behind our advice. We're committed to helping build secure financial futures by sharing our financial knowledge.

Advisors, Ready to Build Your Business?

As a financial professional, you have the opportunity to give just as much as you receive. At MARG, we have advisors and specialists across career stages. Are you ready to join our team?

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Who We Work With

We specialize in serving individuals, families, medical professionals, retirees, and business owners with tailored financial solutions for every stage of life.

Our Clients

Our Approach

Discover our personalized, team-supported approach to financial services. We tailor comprehensive financial solutions to your unique needs and goals.

Our Approach

Our Team

We provide personalized advice and support tailored to your unique needs. Our team of professionals is here for every transition, challenge, and success.

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