We are always looking for the right individuals whose expectations for excellence match our own. We use a mutual selection process and spend an extensive amount of time with prospective candidates. We'll give you an honest view of both the advantages and disadvantages of a career opportunity in financial services. 


Is a Career as a Financial Advisor Right for You?  

Finding the right combination between what you want out of a career, and what a career provides is a unique journey. We offer women advisors a unique blend of support, freedom and quality. The right balance between building something for yourself, but not by yourself. There are many qualities about being a Financial Advisor that make it an attractive and fulfilling career choice for women. >>Read More    

An ideal Financial Advisor candidate is someone seeking a meaningful career. Someone that would enjoy making a positive impact in others' lives. You have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that many people look for in a career and be rewarded with significant income potential, bonuses and benefits. 

Financial advising provides what most people look for in a career:   

  • Impact Bringing fulfillment to clients' lives through thoughtful and thorough financial advising. Independence Finding freedom from time constraints allows the kind of flexibility most people search for today. 
  • Income Experienced advisors have unlimited earning potential.  

As a Financial Advisor, you can: 

  • Work in one of today's top-rated careers1 
  • Help clients achieve financial security 
  • Develop financial strategies to meet clients' changing needs 
  • Create customized solutions in the long-term best interest of clients
  • Apply your financial knowledge and expertise 
  • Have the potential to earn unlimited income

1 Source: Jobs Rated Almanac 


At MARG, we look for candidates whose personal values are supported by our values. Through this synergy a successful partnership can flourish. Important candidate attributes include: 

  • Determination and commitment 
  • Self-motivation and discipline 
  • People skills and sales abilities  


Your Career Path 

Depending on your goals and aspirations, you can determine your own career path!   

If you're interested in learning more about working with an organization where you can create your own future, contact us via email at Mary.Randolph@margfinancial.com.


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